10 Thanksgiving Freebies for Speech and Language Therapy

When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of time with family, things I am grateful for, parades, football, and yummy food. Check out these ten Thanksgiving freebies that I found.

  1. Gobbling Up Multiple Meaning Words by Big Hair Speech Therapy - Three levels of difficulty for thanksgiving themed multiple meaning words.
  2. Thanksgiving Turkey Prepositions by WhitneySLP - Cute preposition cards searching for the turkey. Targets on, under, in, behind, between, in front, and next to prepositions.
  3. Thanksgiving Problem Solving and Social Skills Cards by Step by Step Solutions- Sixteen problem solving cards with a Thanksgiving theme.
  4. Early Inference Thanksgiving Clues by Peachie Speechie - Great for working on inferencing skills and descriptions.
  5. Social Talk Thanksgiving Freebie by Social Talk- This little packet includes a few conversation starters, using manners, and Think it vs. Say it.
  6. Thanksgiving Yes/No by Telehealth Specialists- This Boom Card set targets yes/no questions, adjectives, formulating sentences, and build conversation about Thanksgiving dinner.
  7. Thanksgiving Dinner Interactive Book by Katrina Bevan - Students can work on matching, receptive language and vocabulary, and summarizing sequences.
  8. Thanksgiving Themed Would You Rather by Spectacular Speech- I love using Would You Rather for articulation carryover, conversational exchange, language building, and fluency!
  9. Thanksgiving Speech and Language by The Speech Nook- This packet targets wh-questions, categories, and social questions.
  10. Thanksgiving What are They Thinking Social Skills by Speech Paths - This little packet targets identifying and explaining facial expressions and body language, perspective taking, and talking about expected vs. unexpected behaviors.

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Do you know of any other great Thanksgiving freebies?  If so, please share in the comments below.

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