Spring is on its way!  Check out what I will be using for therapy starting next month.


Apraxia Blooms Speech & Language Craft
SPEECH and LANGUAGE BLOOMS:  These fun crafts make the cutest take-home for students to practice their speech and language skills. I have flowers to target articulation, apraxia, phonology, and language.  My kids have always loved making these.  We add pipe cleaners as a stem or to turn the flower into a bracelet.

FIND ARTICULATION and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: SPRING is perfect for working with students with articulation, language, and fluency goals. This resource has hidden articulation words scattered around the picture that students look for using a magnifying glass. It also has 2-step temporal following directions, and lists of wh-questions for each picture scene.  Other suggestions on how you can use the pictured scenes to cover other goals are included.

SPRING OPEN-ENDED GAMES: I love using open-ended games to pull mixed groups together.  It also helps keep some students motivated.  I consider that a WIN-WIN!

Spring  Articulation Mystery Picture 
One articulation resource that my students enjoy and that helps them with their fine motor skills are my SPRING ARTICULATION MYSTERY PICTURES.  This resource helps reinforce what my students have been working on in occupational therapy (pencil grip, manipulation, writing pressure, etc..) too!

ARTICULATION QUILTS: SPRING targets articulation using art! It not only addresses students' goals but afterward they make wonderful bulletin boards and/or decorations for your speech room!

My NO PRINT FLUENCY TASKS: SPRING resource targets goals for identifying facts vs. myths about stuttering, identifying bumpy vs. smooth speech, identify/explain/demonstrate different disfluent speech patterns and fluency shaping techniques and stuttering modification techniques, using techniques and strategies at all levels (word, phrase, sentence, spontaneous speech), and response to social situations.  I use the sentence and spontaneous speech level tasks with my students working on language too.

Language Builder: Spring
NO PRINT LANGUAGE TASKS: SPRING uses colorful graphics and real pictures to target receptive identification in a field of three, answering yes/no and wh-questions, describing, inference, compare/contrast, and narrative building skills.

LANGUAGE BUILDER: SPRING is a comprehensive packet covering so many different language needs! My language builder packs target basic vocabulary building, answering and asking questions, using inference skills, recalling sentences and details, describing, sentence building, and narrative building skills with barrier games!

NO PRINT PHONOLOGY TASKS: SPRING is a comprehensive no print resource that covers a variety of phonological processing errors using auditory bombardment list, auditory discrimination with minimal pairs, rhyming task, wh-questions, and creating a winter scene! This resource covers the following phonological processing error patterns: Prevocalic Voicing, Postvocalic Devoicing, Final Consonant Deletion, Velar Fronting, Initial Consonant Deletion, Stopping of Fricatives, Denasalization, Consonant Cluster Reduction (including some complex clusters), and Gliding.

You can see some of the books that I plan to use this season for literacy-based therapy too on my lesson plan. You can grab a copy of my Spring Lesson Plans by completing the information below!

Using books to provide speech therapy just makes sense since you can target articulation, phonology, language, and fluency. I have a lot of favorite books and I organize them by theme, season/holiday, sounds, language concepts, etc.. Check out why I love these Valentine's day books!

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Rose by Lucille Collandro
SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant clusters easily with this repetitive story!  Students can even practice carryover of their sounds (k, g, s, sh, l, r, clusters) targeting language concepts.

LANGUAGE: Target identification and labeling of basic vocabulary found in the print and in the pictures, work on wh-questions and yes/no questions, and practice sequencing and story retell!

The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond
SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant clusters (k, g, s, sh, l, r, clusters) easily with this cute story about a little girl that makes Valentine's day cards for her friends!

LANGUAGE: Target vocabulary building with adjectives, adverbs and irregular verbs.  You can also practice answering wh-questions and using inference skills.

A Kiss for Giraffe by Judith Koppens
SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant clusters (k, g, s, sh, l, r, clusters) easily with story about two best friends who want to give each other a kiss.

LANGUAGE: Target prepositions by finding the bird in each picture, work on semantic features (function/description) for common items, answering wh-questions, and  story retell!

If you do not want to have go through the books and make your own lists, I have created an easy cheat sheet for articulation words, language concepts to target, and some basic wh-questions you can ask for each book!  You can grab your free cheat sheet below.

    What are some of your favorite Valentine's day books to incorporate into your speech therapy lessons?  Please share with us below in the comments! Thanks!
    Valentine's day is approaching!  I love incorporating fun holiday activities whenever I can in therapy.  I feel that it breaks up my lesson plans and brings a bit of excitement to the lessons. Check out these ten Valentine's Day-themed freebies I found!

    1. Grab my Valentine's Day Conversational Exchange Mats - This freebie includes two different mats for tracking conversational exchange and a Venn diagram for students to identify things that they have in common!
    2. Valentine's Day Puppets by The Power of Speech- This is a cute craft that easily lends itself to targeting pronouns, vocabulary, social and functional communication and following directions. After students have made their puppets, they can practice giving their puppet different items in the speech room.
    3. Valentine's Day Open-Ended Games by Ms. Gardenia's Speech Room - I love using open-ended games to pull mixed groups together and as a motivator for student behavior.
    4. Valentine's 100 Trials Drill Sheets by Ashley Rossi - This fun packet includes 3 different sheets to color while practicing drills. 
    5. Valentine's Day Vocabulary Book by Speech is Sweet - These free little booklets build vocabulary and targets /k/, /v/, and /l/.
    6. Love Idioms by Speech Paths - This freebie provides multiple idioms and their definitions for an interactive matching game!
    7. Valentine's Day Riddles by Kristine Lamb - Such a perfect way to work on inference!
    8. Cupid Quandry Social Skills by SmartmouthSLP - This set of sticky situations was created with upper elementary and middle school students in mind. 
    9. Valentine Phonology Cards by My Speech Tools - This free pack has cards for final consonant deletion, fronting, gliding, and syllable deletion.
    10.  Picture Chats: Valentine's Day by Katrina Bevin - This cute scene is perfect for carryover articulation, language, and working on fluency techniques. 

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    Do you know of any other amazing Valentine's Day activities?  If so, please share in the comments below!

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