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You may have noticed that I have not blogged for some time.  This Winter season has been full of family trips, family illness, and updated materials! Since it has been a crazy time for my family, it has limited my therapy planning time. Work is one place that I do not slack though (unlike my home that looks like a tornado hit it!) since I know I have little one's and families depending on me to give them my best and build communication.  When time is in a pinch, I pull out the following:

1) SEASONAL STORY BOOKS- I've shared this in the past and I will share again!  You can hit just about any target goal with a story book! I have used them to listen for, dictate while drilling, and then sending home those same articulation lists.  I love doing this as students can practice auditory listening, fine motor control with writing, and then when they go home they can also share with their parents what the story was about!  I have also used story books to work on wh- questions, pronouns, prepositions, sequencing, yes/no questions, labeling, categories, and functions.  Story books are perfect since they already contain the built in picture cues! NO PREP SPEECH & LANGUAGE MATERIALS- I have made these No Prep packs that work on the following speech sounds in all word positions and on mixed pages: k, g, f, v, s, l, ch, sh, j, th, and r. They also include rl words, s-blends, l-blends, and r-blends!  The following language skills are also addressed: action, pronouns, categories, antonyms, synonyms, homonyms, and functions.  The BIG BUNDLE includes all seasons and the main holidays.

3.) PLAY DOUGH  and DAUBER pages for ARTICULATION, APRAXIA, CONVERSATIONAL EXCHANGE, FLUENCY, LANGUAGE, and PHONOLOGY- Earlier in this post I stated that I had been updating materials.  I have been updating like a crazy lady! My Mash and Mark series has grown!  Just pull out the play dough, crayons, or daubers and enjoy!  I have also used these mats for practicing fluency strategies and building language skills (wh- questions, function, descriptions),
  • I have updated ALL of my Articulation Mash & Mark.  Each set addresses the sound in each word position and provides a mixed position sound page.  For the update, I have made the pictures larger and no longer trapped in a circle, the words are now positioned around the picture (no more guess work for some of the more difficult pictures with the word list), font changes, graphic changes, and word choice changes are also throughout all of the products!  Grab a FREEBIE here for the J Sound!
Grab this J sound FREEBIE!
  • ALL of my MASH & MARK APRAXIA MATS  have been updated too!  Each set is provided in color and in a low ink/no prep black and white option (great for take home practice!).  The following sets are covered: CV, VC, & CVC; CVCV & CCVC; CCCVC, CVCC, CCVCC; and 2-3-4-5 Syllable Multisyllabic Words.
  • Any of your students working on conversation?  All of my MAP, MASH, & MARK CONVERSATIONAL EXCHANGE MATS have been updated too.  These sets cover holidays and seasons.  Each set includes suggested topics, Venn diagrams to identify common interests, maps for planning out a conversation including introducing a topic, maintaining topic, and if responses are appropriate. Each pack also includes several mats to track asking questions, responding to questions, and making a comment.  These sets are also provided with the color versions and a low ink/no prep black and white version (families can practice conversations at home)!
4.) MUSIC & MOVEMENT-  Sometimes, you just need to dance or move in speech! Here are a few quick ideas! 
  • PLAY MUSICAL DRILL!  Post or hide drill cards around the room and turn on the music.  All the kids in the group dance around the room and look for their speech sound cards.  When they find one they dance in place until the music stops.  If a student has not found a card, they must sit back down at the table but you provide them their drill word.  For the students that found one of their sounds, they practice their drill word while standing up, and hand you their card.  Then you turn the music back on!  The last kiddo left dancing... wins!
  • HOPSCOTCH ARTICULATION/LANGUAGE.  You could get fancy and get a hopscotch rug but why spend that money?  I simply put pieces of colored paper on the ground in a hopscotch pattern and place the articulation or language cards down on the colored paper.  Students take turns tossing a penny to the square and then hop their way to pick it up and finish the pattern to the end.  No matter if they make it all the way to the end or not without falling, they practice their word or skill.  However, they can only keep the card if they made it through without falling.  Be sure to CLEAR THE AREA of any thing that the students could fall into and hurt themselves (chairs, tables, desk, keep away from filing cabinets and bookshelves).  If you do not have enough room to do this in your speech room, I have taken speech outside when it wasn't too cold or windy, and have used it in the gym/cafeteria. 
Planning speech has never been so simple for me!  I have found that having these resources always available it makes quick changes possible (a new student transfers to my caseload, little are too wiggly and need a back up plan, need to change up activity due to lack of progress with planned speech activity, etc..).

If you have purchased any of my updated materials but love the originals, please be sure to upload the revised materials and give them a different file name.  That way, you get double the mats in all by still keeping the originals and adding the new revised materials to your speech materials arsenal. 

What Low Prep or No Prep materials or activities do you use?

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