Top Wishlisted Items: Wishlist Linky Party

I have exciting news!  TeacherspayTeachers is about to have a sitewide sale!  That means amazing savings!  So many of the stores will be on sale for 20% off and with the special code you can SAVE EVEN MORE!  Up to 28% off in fact!

I will be having my store on sale!  To share the great news, I'm linking up with Teaching in the Tongass to share the news!  Here are my most wishlisted items!
My Wh-Questions Mash and Mark is one of my best sellers (in fact all of the top wishlisted are best sellers),  It contains the mats in color and black and white so that they can be used with play dough, color chips, daubers, markers, or paint!  What I love most about this product is that the black and white copies are wonderful to send home for homework to help children learn to ask questions, answer questions, work on sentence structure, prepositions, and more!  It works on: who, what (nouns and actions), where (community locations and prepositions), when, and why questions.
 Finding multisyllabic words is no easy task! This product changes that!  It separates the syllable structures into two, three, four, and five syllables plus it also offers pages of mixed syllables! This also comes in color and black and white.  Kids can be easily motivated by using play dough, makers, paint, or daubers while working on multisyllabic words. The low ink black and white are great for carry over homework!
It makes me so happy to see the positive feedback from this product.  I knew my kids enjoyed the mazes but to know it has made so many other children happy with practicing their sounds and words does my heart good!  Besides, who doesn't like no prep?!  These can be used year round!  If you are looking for more seasonal type, I also have Seasonal Mazes in my store.

Thank you to Teaching in the Tongass for hosting this Linky Party!  know I plan to buy a lot of clip art.  What do you have in your cart?

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