I am celebrating my first year as a blogger and as a SLP Author on teacherpayteachers.com. This past year has flown by! I have met some fantastic SLPs from all over the United States and Canada, made some wonderful friends, attended a conference where I learned so much including that there is just so much more to learn yet, and became better organized with my materials. On a personal level, this past year, provided me the opportunity to stretch my creative wand and craft therapy materials while building a better future for my family and my daughter. I even had the opportunity to take my family on our 1st Family Vacation!

Prep Positions is one of the newer apps created by Smarty Ears and I had the great fortune of trying it out with my kiddos and reviewing it for you!   Smarty Ears provided the app for me to review; however, the opinions in this post are all mine.

Recently, I wrote a post on Speech Spotlight about how I keep my little ones engaged.  In that article, I mentioned the use of visual schedules.  To read that article, go here.  Although the use of visual schedules is commonly connected to working with our students on the spectrum, they are super helpful when working with students who have diverse needs and in a variety of settings.

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