Bringing Technology into the Speech Room: Tips & Tools

I do not know about you but in our school district, there is a push to incorporate technology into all areas of the school and curriculum.  I am not the most tech savvy but I make do with my trusty tablet!  I'm one the many of us that makes communication magic happen in a room the size of a closet and have paid my dues traveling from one school site to another. I have found with a tablet, I can make great things happen! I am a guest blogger at Speech Time Fun to share a few tips and tricks on bringing Technology into the Speech Room.  These tips and tricks of technology has made my job a million times easier!

1.  FINDING FREE APPS or at least SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED PRICES- There are many different App finders that will tell you about Apps that are currently free or reduced price.  When I first got my tablet a few years back, I tried practically all of them.  Problem was that so many of them were really NOT GOOD.  Then, I was stuck with some cruddy apps that I thought would do amazing things but ... they definitely were not what I hoped.  The apps that I use are mentioned in Speech Time Fun's guest blogger post. 

2.  MATERIALS STORED ON TABLET- I have made mention before of an SLP here in my district, Monae of Monae's SpeechHouse, who writes her own books and use to provide them all to our district for free prior to moving to selling on TpT.  Her books are amazing and I have a million of them!  To copy, laminate, and make into booklets was taking me a long time.  So after choosing a select few (since she provides additional pieces to make it manipulative for felt boards, etc...), I put the rest into Apps that work like book shelves.  I could have put them into my iBook app, but I really do not like having my personal books mixed with my work materials, even though I could create new files to keep them in.  I had managed to find a few apps through the free app finders that work as bookshelves and allowed me the opportunity to write and highlight too!  I immediately put Monae's books, No Print products like Jennifer of Speech Therapy Fun's Holiday Language & Articulation Bundle, and my own products such as my Multisyllabic Games Mega Pack into these apps (Moka Notes, Cabinet, and Good Notes).  I also use them to download the PowerPoint notes I get prior to attending staff development training.  These apps allow me to highlight, write additional notes, and then email the new files to myself which saves paper... and saves trees!

3.  I-TUNES MUSIC- While I was going from school to school, I noted that I was killing my back bringing along books, materials, CD player, and a pile of CDs so big I could play Jenga with them!  Finally, inspirations struck when I was making myself a play list for travel!  How about downloading my work music to I-Tunes so I can utilize it in therapy with just the tool of my tablet! It was magic! 

Hope these tips help you to incorporate technology into your speech room and more importantly save your back as she schlep materials around!  Stay tuned!  I will be providing additional ideas and upcoming tutorials on how to use technology effectively in your speech room.

How do you use technology in your speech room?

credits: Hello Literacy (font in graphic), Cutesy in Kindergarten (tablet clipart)


  1. Thank you for the mention and some amazing tips!

  2. I too put all of my music on my iPad (why did it take me so long to figure out how to make my life easier, duh!). Working at multiple schools this year, I absolutely had to find ways to stay more organized with useful therapy materials. I love the tips that you shared and thanks for mentioning my books too! Monae :)

  3. I love these ideas! I need to put more books onto my iPad!


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