I do not know about you but in our school district, there is a push to incorporate technology into all areas of the school and curriculum.  I am not the most tech savvy but I make do with my trusty tablet!  I'm one the many of us that makes communication magic happen in a room the size of a closet and have paid my dues traveling from one school site to another. I have found with a tablet, I can make great things happen! I am a guest blogger at Speech Time Fun to share a few tips and tricks on bringing Technology into the Speech Room.  These tips and tricks of technology has made my job a million times easier!

      I have seen some AMAZING Speech-Language Pathologists and Practicum Students lose their lesson due to behavior management concerns.  A wonderfully planned lesson can blow up in your face and time can escape you when students are not motivated or negative behaviors are not managed efficiently.  I learned early on that students are masterminds at working the system and wasting time if it means getting out of work that they are not motivated to do (aren’t we all).  Prior to becoming a Speech-Language Pathologist, I was a Special Education Teacher.  One of the populations I worked with for multiple years was Behaviorally-Emotionally Disabled.  The years I spent working with my students in these self-contained classrooms were eye openers and great learning experiences on behavior management! I felt well prepared when stepping into my Grad School Clinic Practicum and later into my CFY year.  As prepared as I was, this profession provides additional opportunities to continue to grow and expand.  For me, this has been a never ending journey in growth.  We should all continue to grow as we become better able to serve our students and families when we do. Here are a few of the Tips and Tools I utilize or that colleagues use in their therapy room.
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