Dollar Store Speech Ideas: Linky Party

I’m a HUGE fan of bargain shopping! That is why I jumped at the chance to join in this dollar store speech ideas linky party hosted by Kristin of Talkin’ with Twang!  I am a stress shopper that hates shopping.  What exactly does that mean?  It means I avoid malls like the plague.  However, when I get stressed I run to dollar stores, goodwill, and Target’s dollar aisles!  I’m always looking for a bargain and if I am having a bad day it always cheers me up.  It drives my Hub crazy, but puts a smile on my face!
I recently went to Target and their one dollar aisle for some inspiration. I found some great goodies that I plan to use next month in preparation for Valentine’s Day.  

These cute mailboxes are the first thing that I found!  I have the old style mailboxes with the little flag that goes up and my kids love them.  When I saw these I knew that they would enjoy these just as much!  First off, they get to slide their words into the mailbox and it is almost like feeding the sound or word to the mailbox.  I bought three of them for two reasons.  The first reason is so that I would have enough to have students sort into the word position (initial, medial, final).  The second reason is that it is the perfect number for a small group.  When working with a small group of three or less with each student targeting a different skill or sound, they will each have their own mailbox to feed.

I also found these super cute “arrows.”  When I saw them, I had the idea of my student’s playing the “Cupid Games.”  For the game, the student will clip their sound card with the clothespin arrow and then toss it into the heart basket.  Whoever is able to get the most pins in the bucket wins!

I have no idea what the power of grabbing cards out of a bucket is but for some reason my kiddos think it is a fun activity! Therefore, when I found this huge pink envelope I decided I would put their sound or language cards in it for them to take turns pulling out.
Expressive Language: Word Structure by Ashley Rossi

I also found these little sparkly clothespins!  Love the color and sparkles! I plan to use them with clip it activities.  I also plan to use them to organize my organizer along with the sparkly tape!  Sparkles just make me smile!  I’m all ready for Valentine’s Day thanks to my dollar store finds!


  1. I have a couple of those mailboxes! Love the arrows! I do something similar with skeletons and a jack-o-lantern for Halloween. The kids LOVE it!

  2. I just bought those mailboxes today! I'm so excited about them. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love the sparkly closepins and have resisted the urge to buy them, until you gave me a great idea:) love your creative therapy hacks. I have to try the Cupid throw!

  4. Love these ideas!! I'm going to steal this idea with the mailboxes! Thanks for showing my Expressive Language cards!! They look so much more exciting with sparkly clips!!


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