FUNctional Ways to Practice Speech and Language Skills during the Holidays

Opportunities to practice speech and language skills are all around us.  We know this to be true as Speech-Language Pathologists.  However, such a simple truth is often lost on those who are not in our field.  We provide homework for students to practice and parents are hopefully diligent in doing so.  However, how often can we make the homework directly relate to an experience and provide meaning for students to later recall and access again when working on that skill?

Knowing that the holiday break usually leaves students without two weeks of therapy, I typically send home extra practice sheets but I also provide them with some functional and fun holiday activity suggestions.  Will they be trimming a tree? Maybe, they make Christmas cookies or decorate a gingerbread house? Do they hang stockings and wrap presents to exchange? Do they spin the dreidel or light the menorah?  Here are some functional words students can practice while enjoying holiday activities:

Consonant Sequences:  spin, start, stop, smash, star, stocking, sprinkle, branch, dreidel, frosting, present, trim, tree
/k/: cookie, cut, coal, sprinkle, stocking, decorate, bake, milk, dunk
/s/ Santa, scissors, Sleigh, spin, start, stop, smash, sprinkle, frosting, present, star
/r/: dreidel, frosting, present, sprinkle, start, decorate, ornament, ribbon, star, branch, reindeer, wrap, paper, tear, gingerbread, menorah

What additional holiday words would you include to target these common speech sound errors?  Go here, to see ways to build language skills and memories.

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