Cyber Monday: What's in Your Cart?

It is that time again!  Time to get your Cyber Monday deals on TpT!  The best news though is that you can save up to 28% off on great new therapy materials!  Thanks to Jenna from Speech Room News for hosting this linky party so that we can all share what we have in our shopping carts.

Everything in my store will be 20% off.  Using the promo code provided by TpT, you can save up to 28% on items in my store (on top of the extra 15-20% off already offered on my bundles).  Here are some items in my store that you may find helpful.

INTERACTIVE ARTICULATION NOTEBOOK BUNDLES-  These bundles are GROWING!  At this time, they include the Autumn and Winter Interactive Notebooks.  The Early Sounds sets target p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, f, and v.  The Later Sounds sets target s, z, l, sh, ch, th, j, r, vocalic r, -RL blend, and S/L/R blends.  Both the EARLY Sounds and LATER Sounds Bundles include the following activities with seasonal twists: cut and past, write and color, game boards, spinners, shutter folds, spin-a-sentence, auditory bombardment lists, progress monitoring sheets, data collection sheets, and more! Targets at word, phrase, and sentence!

RECEPTIVE and EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGE BUILDER: WINTER- This pack works on the following tasks: building vocabulary, asking/answering questions, recalling details, identifying and expressing descriptive concepts, following 1-3 step directions (including temporal concepts), formulating sentences, answering yes/no questions, and more!  The great thing is that I have included barrier games, sentence strips, and are manipulative to assist kiddos with formulating sentences and questions.  My kiddos love things having hands-on materials and this receptive and expressive language builder pack does!
ARTICULATION DOUGH N' GO BUNDLE- This pack is jam-packed with fun!  It includes coloredmats for dough and black and white dauber pages (great for homework) to target the following in all word positions: p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, f, v, s, z, s-blends, l, l-blends, ch, sh, th, r, r-blends, vocalic r, and 2-5 syllable words!  Although these are made to address articulation concerns, I have also used these to work on fluency and language skills!

What will I have in my cart?  There are just so many great products out there!  These are a few of the products I am excited about!

Christmas & Winter No Prep Language from Ashley of Sweet Southern Speech-  This addresses a variety of language skills and is no prep!  I love no prep!  Who doesn't, right?  Just a few of the things it targets include: auditory memory, adjectives, compare and contrast, and categories!

Ice Cream Comprehension and Directions by Firefly Speech and Language- This looked looks like so much fun!  Even though it is not summer time, ice cream is really a year-long treat! This pack looks just as yummy as ice cream too! I love that it addresses both comprehension and following directions!

No Print Build a Scene Articulation from Speech Therapy Fun-  This NO PRINT pack has 9 scenes for September through May and provides reinforcement for kiddos while practicing: k, g, f, and v! I think my kiddos will be super excited to build a scene with my tablet! 

Articulation Sudoku from Talkin' with Twang-  To be honest, I have never played Soduku.  However, this just looks like a lot of fun that my kiddos would enjoy!  Plus, I love how unique this is!

Sam the Snake by Mia McDaniel- I have so many kiddos working on interdental lisps this year!  It is crazy how many I have this year.  Any tool I can find to help with this is HUGE for me!  I can't wait to see what Mia has in this no-print ebook!

Basic Vocabulary Bingo Bundle by Sara Wu of Speech is Beautiful- This 3-set bundle will be wonderful for my little kiddos still working on the basic vocabulary of food, animals, and household items.  Plus, I enjoy that I will be able to use it with my older kiddos to work on descriptions, and asking wh-questions.  I love when I can use an item in more ways than one!

Plus, I plan to buy A LOT of new clip art!  Will you be taking advantage of this super sale?  If so, what's in your Cart?  Click here for additional ideas and other great buys!


  1. It looks like you found some great stuff!! Your artic notebooks look wonderful!!
    -Mandi of Panda Speech

  2. Yes! Clip art is a MUST! I love your suggestions and thank you so much for including me on your list. Happy shopping!
    Kristin, Talkin' with Twang

  3. Your Articulation Notebooks are amazing! Thank you for including my Build A Scene Artic!

  4. You don't want to see the amount of clip art that I have on my wish list! But your articulation notebooks are there, too! Terrific list! ~Linda

  5. My kids love dough mats, and your Dough and Go looks fantastic!

  6. You have so many fun packets for therapy! Great list of ideas!


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