It is that time again!  Time to get your Cyber Monday deals on TpT!  The best news though is that you can save up to 28% off on great new therapy materials!  Thanks to Jenna from Speech Room News for hosting this linky party so that we can all share what we have in our shopping carts.

Everything in my store will be 20% off.  Using the promo code provided by TpT, you can save up to 28% on items in my store (on top of the extra 15-20% off already offered on my bundles).  Here are some items in my store that you may find helpful.

INTERACTIVE ARTICULATION NOTEBOOK BUNDLES-  These bundles are GROWING!  At this time, they include the Autumn and Winter Interactive Notebooks.  The Early Sounds sets target p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, f, and v.  The Later Sounds sets target s, z, l, sh, ch, th, j, r, vocalic r, -RL blend, and S/L/R blends.  Both the EARLY Sounds and LATER Sounds Bundles include the following activities with seasonal twists: cut and past, write and color, game boards, spinners, shutter folds, spin-a-sentence, auditory bombardment lists, progress monitoring sheets, data collection sheets, and more! Targets at word, phrase, and sentence!

RECEPTIVE and EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGE BUILDER: WINTER- This pack works on the following tasks: building vocabulary, asking/answering questions, recalling details, identifying and expressing descriptive concepts, following 1-3 step directions (including temporal concepts), formulating sentences, answering yes/no questions, and more!  The great thing is that I have included barrier games, sentence strips, and are manipulative to assist kiddos with formulating sentences and questions.  My kiddos love things having hands-on materials and this receptive and expressive language builder pack does!
ARTICULATION DOUGH N' GO BUNDLE- This pack is jam-packed with fun!  It includes coloredmats for dough and black and white dauber pages (great for homework) to target the following in all word positions: p, b, m, n, t, d, k, g, f, v, s, z, s-blends, l, l-blends, ch, sh, th, r, r-blends, vocalic r, and 2-5 syllable words!  Although these are made to address articulation concerns, I have also used these to work on fluency and language skills!

What will I have in my cart?  There are just so many great products out there!  These are a few of the products I am excited about!

Christmas & Winter No Prep Language from Ashley of Sweet Southern Speech-  This addresses a variety of language skills and is no prep!  I love no prep!  Who doesn't, right?  Just a few of the things it targets include: auditory memory, adjectives, compare and contrast, and categories!

Ice Cream Comprehension and Directions by Firefly Speech and Language- This looked looks like so much fun!  Even though it is not summer time, ice cream is really a year-long treat! This pack looks just as yummy as ice cream too! I love that it addresses both comprehension and following directions!

No Print Build a Scene Articulation from Speech Therapy Fun-  This NO PRINT pack has 9 scenes for September through May and provides reinforcement for kiddos while practicing: k, g, f, and v! I think my kiddos will be super excited to build a scene with my tablet! 

Articulation Sudoku from Talkin' with Twang-  To be honest, I have never played Soduku.  However, this just looks like a lot of fun that my kiddos would enjoy!  Plus, I love how unique this is!

Sam the Snake by Mia McDaniel- I have so many kiddos working on interdental lisps this year!  It is crazy how many I have this year.  Any tool I can find to help with this is HUGE for me!  I can't wait to see what Mia has in this no-print ebook!

Basic Vocabulary Bingo Bundle by Sara Wu of Speech is Beautiful- This 3-set bundle will be wonderful for my little kiddos still working on the basic vocabulary of food, animals, and household items.  Plus, I enjoy that I will be able to use it with my older kiddos to work on descriptions, and asking wh-questions.  I love when I can use an item in more ways than one!

Plus, I plan to buy A LOT of new clip art!  Will you be taking advantage of this super sale?  If so, what's in your Cart?  Click here for additional ideas and other great buys!

I’m excited to join in the fun and share 5 things you may not know about me. Thanks to Jessica from The Speech Space for hosting this linky party!  I’m pretty much an open book.  I put myself out there so I don’t know what all I may have already shared. 

1.        I’m a closet Court TV junkie!  My daughter sent me to the hospital at 23 weeks gestation.  I remained there on bed rest until her birth at 26 weeks.  During that time, I did not have much that I could do since anything that required the slightest bit of thinking power led to a headache.  After all, the position I had to remain on the bed required my feet above my head.  Therefore, I spent nearly a month doing nothing more than laying there watching Court TV and eating.

2.  I was born with birth defects- tracheal hypoplasia and laryngeal webbing.  I had to have immediate surgery after my birth so that I could breathe since my airway was the size of a pinprick. I had multiple follow-up surgeries to cut away scar tissue and to widen my airway as I grew up.  The last surgery I had was when I was 11 years old.  So, if you listen closely, you may detect my odd breathing pattern and a mild stridor

3.    Ice Skating scares me!  No, seriously!  I NEVER want to ice skate.  I have always thought it was beautiful and it is my favorite part of the Winter Olympics, but you will never catch me out on the ice!  I secretly think the first time I ever try I will break my ankles.  I have no clue where that fear came from.  It has always been there.  Does anyone know if fear of ice skating is a real phobia?!

4.    My mental “happy place” when I get stressed is a log cabin.  In my mind, it is surrounded by forest.  No real technology (like phones, computers, tv, etc.).  No noise.  No responsibility.  Just me, hot cocoa (and a wine cellar), fireplace, an old typewriter, and books! 

5.  I’m a clean freak!  I really can NOT stand clutter.  It makes my skin crawl and I have a hard time thinking straight.  My creativity is at an all-time low when the place is cluttered or messy.  In fact, when it is time to clean house, my husband calls me “Tornado Tami.”  You better believe the house will be clean and sanitized.  Now, even my little one runs away when I am in cleaning mode yelling “AHHHHH!  The tornado is coming!”  Hmmmm….
Holidays are a great time to score some wonderful deals on toys that encourage speech and language skills and family time! That is why I'm excited to join in on the Santa’s List Linky Party hosted by my friend, Ashley, of Sweet Southern Speech.

Christmas. Hanukkah. Kwanzaa.  It really doesn’t matter which holiday you celebrate in Winter, we all know that right after Thanksgiving there is that mad dash to the stores to get the super sales.  In our home, we celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, and Yule.  You can say my daughter has been spoiled over the years.  Since our only immediate family here in Vegas is my Gambling Guru Grammy, we always fill out the various store wish lists for our scattered family members.  Here is my confession, when she was super little, I always thought about what would be a fun toy that would facilitate growth of speech and language skills (that I could also use later for work once she outgrows it),

Here are some wonderful toys that I would suggest, both personally and professionally, putting on Santa’s list to facilitate speech and language growth and quality family time:

1.)  BOOKS-  Books are great for all ages!  For the little ones, you can use them to build basic receptive and expressive vocabulary, prepositions, adjectives, wh-questions, etc.. as you talk about the pictures in the story book ("Look!  Santa is trying to come down the chimney.  See his boots? Show me Santa's boots.  Boy!  He will be dirty coming down that chimney...") For older children, the story vocabulary increases in complexity so they continue to increase vocabulary but begin using context clues to determine the meaning of the word or phrase.  They can also work on the higher level wh- questions such as how and why.

2.)  CAUSE and EFFECT Toys- These are great for the little itty bitty ones!  Especially those that are just developing language.  You can entertain for long periods of time while working on basic concepts such as colors, stop vs go, more, roll, pop, fast, etc.
3.)  PLAY SETS- So much language can be built from play sets such as doll houses, farms, Duplo sets, etc.. With the Duplo or block sets you can work on colors, prepositions, size, following directions, and prepositions when first creating the scene.  With all of the play sets you can continue to work on receptive and expressive language vocabulary, action words (verbs), basic concepts, following directions, and narrative skills.
4.)  REUSEABLE STICKER SETS- Play sets can get expensive and sometimes they are not easy to move around from location to location.  The reusable sticker sets by Melissa and Doug allow you to work on all the same skills as the play sets.  I love that they are reusable stickers so they can be used over and over for half the price of the play sets.  Plus,
they are easy to bring from location to location (including those long car trips).

5.)  BOARD GAMES- Board games are great for learning social language and bringing families together!  From board games, kids can learn that there are rules that must be followed such as turn-taking, eye contact, social exchanges ("It's your turn.  Oh wait. It's my turn.  Give me the dice, please"), which are all important skills for functional communication and conversational exchange. One game that is full of wonderful family fun and builds language is the game Headbandz.  While playing this game, the following language skills can be worked on: categories, descriptive concepts, and asking and answering questions.

6.)  GOLDIE BLOX- My daughter is in love with Goldie Blox!  If  you do not know about these sets, I would definitely suggest you check them out.  They were designed with teaching girls about engineering concepts.  However, boys can find entertainment with them too. The sets come with a book that explains the concepts and gives step by step directions (in a fun way!) of how to build the set.  It teaches higher level vocabulary and concepts while incorporating fun! It is a fun way to also incorporate social language exchanges (making requests, conversational exchange, etc..), following directions, addressing how and why explanatory concepts, and more.

Too often, myself included, it is easier to let our children play with the tablet.  We tell ourselves that they are still engaging in learning activities since they are using academic apps or apps created to encourage speech and language skills, but at the same time if we only provide them with technology we are missing wonderful experiences that we can enjoy with our children.  Family time with laughter and fun!  Teaching the art of conversation.  Learning opportunities that only can occur with the interaction of another person.  Those moments are sacred.  Those moments are what make us human and those moments fly by far too fast.  So when you are thinking of what to get your child for the holidays, think of the the activities and toys that would include YOU and PLAY with them. It makes for wonderful memories and natural opportunities to facilitate speech and language skills. 

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