I'm super excited for Halloween.  It is one of my favorite holidays! That is why I was chompin' at the bits to talk about ways to prepare our students and educate the neighbors on Speech Spotlights! To sum it up: 

In what other ways will I be bringing my favorite holiday into my speech room?  I will be using the new materials I created to target my kiddos goals and celebrate the festivities of the season all in one!
My new open ended games set includes 4 different games all with a Halloween theme!  Be the first to collect all the house accessories and trick or treaters to win!  Or use the game boards and be the first to get to the finish line.  Another option is to work on basic math skills by adding up the total amount of candy points collected at the end of the game.  The player with the most points, wins! I love that they are open-ended because then I can use them with any skills targeted!

I have a few kiddos working on conversational exchange, do you?  The Conversational Exchange Set includes a Venn diagram, conversational flow chart, dauber pages or play dough pages to cover when the students ask a question, respond to a question, or make a comment.  The set also includes suggested conversational topics, and a keep it on topic chart.

My Receptive and Expressive Language Builder works on many different skills!  With it you can target receptive identification, labeling, description, prepositions, pronouns, basic sentence structures, following directions, asking/answering questions (including yes/no questions), and more!  It includes Vocabulary Cards, Halloween Lingo Cards, I Have/Who Has Game, Sentence Builders, Description-Inference Cards, Recalling Details and Wh-questions, Barrier Games, and Manipulatives!

Of course, the next two weeks will include preparing my kiddos for Halloween night using the Social Story: On Halloween Night and practicing using the low-tech aac/advocacy/education cards I created.  You too can use my social story and the disability advocacy/low tech aac cards in this freebie!

Will you be doing something special for Halloween?  What will you be doing to celebrate Halloween in your speech room?
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