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Over the summer, I met this truly talented SLP and I feel so fortunate that I did!  Please welcome my guest blogger, Lisette from Speech Sprouts!

Ever use consider the stage or auditorium as a great speech therapy tool?

I  believe that speech therapy can happen almost anywhere and every activity presents with great opportunities to teach speech and language skills. So what can you do with the stage or auditorium? 

Hide and Seek SLP Bloghop- Speech therapy is happening all over school!

Ready for some fun?

 I am teaming up with several SLP blogger buddies to bring you this Hide and Seek Bloghop!   Thank you so much to Kim of Activity Tailor for this creative idea and for organizing for us (She's awesome!)

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So... speech in the auditorium? Sure!  Here are some ideas:

 Story re-tell: target expressive language, articulation, fluency and literacy skills.

How much fun would it be for your kids to read a story, and then write and stage a skit or play? If you can,  conduct all the sessions on the stage to build anticipation. Grab a circle of chairs and maybe some large paper and markers to brainstorm ideas.  A project like this could last for weeks of therapy.

1. Take photos of your group at each stage of preparation, to put together a journal of your project later on! Kids can label and retell the story of their adventures. Everyone loves pictures of themselves.

2. Choose a familiar story to read, with enough characters so that each student gets a part, and one that would lend it self to simple staging. Fairytales and other simple stories will work well.

Discuss the setting, characters, and problem: Ask and answer wh? questions. Sequence the story. Predict. Infer. Talk about feelings. Discuss alternate endings. What would have happened if.....

Post words from the story that include your articulation targets. Use these as artic stimulus words. 

3. Have your students help you write a simple screenplay. Will the story have a traditional ending, or a surprise twist? 

4. Talk about staging, scenery and simple costumes. How will you make them? What materials will you need? 

Keep it simple so the kids can do the work themselves. Paper bag costumes, hats, headbands and box props are all inexpensive. Another opportunity for sequencing and following directions, as well as verbs and sentence structure. 

5. Spend a few sessions preparing the costumes and scenery. You can require your kids to ask for supplies, working on requesting and question structure. They can talk or write about what they did, using past tense, verbs, pronouns and sequencing again. 

6. Invite an audience- a younger class or parents always works well. Then give your show! What a great opportunity for kids who stutter to participate with scripted or choral speaking to enhance their fluency. 

Be sure to take photos for your journal and maybe even your yearbook. 

7. Have an after-party! A few simple snacks, and an opportunity to look at all the photos or video of your project. Well done!

Have you ever used the stage for speech and language? I would love to hear what you did!

I hope you are enjoying the hop. I want to say thank you again to Kim at Activity Tailor. This definitely cheered up my week!


Lisette’s home base is Speech Sprouts,  but today she’s in the:  AUDITORIUM!  

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Hide and Seek SLP Bloghop- Speech therapy is happening all over school!


  1. I'm not an on-stage person (although I did have my office there once,) but this sounds like so much fun that I might reconsider! Great post! I hope everyone is having fun on this hop!

  2. Tami, thanks for having me as your guest, it was fun! (Your blog design is so cute, BTW!) Lisette (Speech Sprouts)

    1. So happy to have you as my guest, Lisette. What wonderful ideas! It makes me want to go bring them to the stage!

  3. Wow! Speech time with you must be fun! I've never gotten anywhere near the auditorium.

  4. Lisette, I have several dramatic students and we've often practiced lines, delivery and stage cues. I've never taken it this far though! What a wonderful idea! Kim

  5. I love this idea! Students would have a blast...I would too!

  6. I love this idea Lisette, so much fun.

  7. Love these ideas! This blog hop has sparked my creative thinking on how to utilize my school better. Thanks!

  8. The stage is perfect. Love it :)

  9. Great ideas for using drama in therapy! Thank you so much for sharing.


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