Arrrr... you a Pirate?
I LOVE Pirates!  I can’t wait to throw on my pirate’s hat, patch, and hook the kids into working on their speech and language skills.  Maybe it is the idea of treasure, or the funny way that they talk, but I have yet to find a kiddo that doesn’t enjoy “Talk like a Pirate” week!  Thanks to Tracey of Gold County SLP for hosting this fun linky party!

Are you planning to bring out the hat and hook?  If so, here are some items that I have in my store that may be of interest to you. three fun Open-Ended Pirate Games allow you to work on ANY skill and reinforce with this little treasure! In the pack, be the first to collect all of the map pieces, play a board game, or collect the most treasure! Island targets prepositions and pronouns with a variety of materials.  Bingo games and dauber pages are included for both prepositions and pronouns.  The dauber pages are great for a no-prep homework option.  There is even a dice game for prepositions and hands-on manipulates and built-in sentence strips with the Pronoun Pirates! Pronoun Pirates is great for following directions (i.e. "Give her the barrel") and assisting with constructing sentences to include appropriate pronouns. 

Some other great finds include: 
I love this storybook by Monae of  Monae's Speech and Language House.  I have this storybook and the kids love it! First of all, it has Pirates!  Plus, her stories come with additional pieces at the end of the story so that you can work on matching.  I also put the pieces on my carry around felt board folder and then use the additional pieces to work on sequencing, wh-questions, function, and description!
This vocabulary builder by LyndaSLP123 looks wonderful! Who doesn’t like collecting gems and jewels? I love that they kiddos collect treasure while expanding their vocabulary skills!
This Pirate themed Speech & Language Pack by Sounds Like Fun looks super comprehensive!  I love that it has pages that can be taken home for homework and that there is a craft involved!
My kiddos enjoy using play dough in therapy.  What a creative and fun way to work on expected and unexpected behaviors and social skills by Smart Mouth SLP!

There are so many wonderful therapy tools to use in therapy.  Arrrrrr… you going to hook your kiddos in with Pirates?


  1. I need to check out your Pirate Pronouns Activity! It looks great!
    -Mandi of Panda Speech

  2. Thanks for including my social skills squish activity! I love the idea of your open ended thematic games, so many possibilities to use in therapy!

  3. Thank you for linking up Tami! Tracy (GoldCountrySLP)


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