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Organize Your Speech Files

For me, it is officially that time of year where I go back to work in the schools.  I am all about starting the year being organized.  It makes the rest of my year flow so much easier. Many of us have pieced organizing tools together as we have needed them.  I find later that I have to search through my huge flash drive of files to relocate these initial files as I need them and that just wastes time for me.  I like to be efficient and this just adds one more stress when I cannot find the right file.  That is why, I was so happy to see that my friend Jennifer over at Speech Therapy Fun created a file full of forms to help us keep our Speech Files Organized. Even better, she provides the files and calendars in both locked format and editable (via computer) for those of us who are truly perfectionists (such as this girl right here writing this blog post) and cannot stand when our handwriting is a mess!

This comprehensive pack offers 12 different pages of calendars!  I love that I can have a different background for every month of choose my favorite to make a SLP Planner for the year!  Plus it is editable so if I want to print it out and write with a pen, I can!  If I want to edit and fill it out on my computer (because my handwriting is a mess) and print it out, I can!  Or even best of all, if I want to put it on a editable/readable program on my tablet such as Goodnotes, Moka, or Cabinet, I can!  Now it is a calendar on the go that I can edit as I need and is available without using ink!  LOVE IT!

The pack also offers a huge pack of files for organizing my speech therapy life.  Again, these are fully editable so I can have the entire file on one of my editable/readable programs and use as needed. Another option is to edit it on my computer (or use in handwritten form), print it out and put in a binder to keep them all together.  It includes: a caseload list, schedule, parent contact form, RTI student list, Log time list (with example), Teacher referral form, parent input form, To Do Lists, Daily Notes, Birthday list, Articulation Screener, Language Screener, IEP at a Glance, Parent Intro sheet, Homework forms, Sticker Charts, My Speech Goal, and more! This pack offers so many wonderful resources but my two favorites are the IEP at a GLANCE, and MY SPEECH GOALS forms!!

IEP at a GLANCE- I LOVE this! I can edit it on the computer and place the files in a secure file on my ipad for easy access, or print it out and put in the kiddos working files.  These forms cover all the important details from an IEP such as student info and contact details, speech duration/frequency, goals, IEP and Re-evaluation dates, other resource services provided, and a place to add any medically relevant information!  How wonderful is that?! This form covers ALL of the important information and is so much easier to find it than to pull out and dive into IEPs every time you need the information!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!  I will definitely be using this form to get myself organized this year!

MY SPEECH GOALS- Another wonderful addition to my files this year!  When we ask kids what they are in speech, far too often we hear “to play games”.  At least, I know I do.  I remind them at the beginning and end of each speech session.  This is a wonderful form to use at the beginning of the year to talk about their goals and to make the students more accountable.  I plan for each of my students who are in Kindergarten and up to talk and complete the form which we will place in their homework notebooks.  I can’t wait to use this!  Then they always have it to go back to reflect on why they are in speech. 
This is a very comprehensive pack!  It even includes binder covers (several designs to choose from) to dress up your files should you decide to print it all out and put in a binder.  If you are a new SLP, a CFY, a graduate student completing your practicum/internship, or one of us that just gets frustrated because you have a difficult time locating your forms ever year… then this pack is for you!  

Luckily, Jennifer has agreed to allow me to giveaway a pack to a lucky winner!  Be sure to enter in the rafflecopter below for a chance to win!

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