What's in Your Cart: TpT Back-to-School Sale 2015


Jenna over at Speech Room News is hosting a Linky party to keep everyone informed that a MAJOR sale is about to hit TpT to celebrate Back-to-School!  On August 3rd-August 4th, there will be a site wide sale.  I will be adding an additional 20% off of my entire store to add to the already provided discount offered site wide (coupon code = BTS15). Don't miss out on the huge savings!

I am all about getting organized.  This is the best time of the year to do so, right?  Every year, I promise myself that I will be better organized, and better prepared. Problem comes when I am at several different schools and they are rarely the same year after year.  This year, that will NOT be an issue for me.  Last year, I transitioned from secondary and special programs
back to an elementary caseload consisting of special programs and Pre-k through 5th (anything goes) in preparation for my own little one starting school soon.  This year, my baby will be in Kindergarten and due to my planning ahead, I am blessed that she will be joining me at my school. Therefore, I already know and have a rapport with the majority of my caseload and their families. WOOHOO!  Stability is great.  I am a big supporter of structure and stability.  

Everything in my store will be already priced at 20% off.  Here are a few items that may help you make this year remain organized, and fun!

Items you may find helpful in my store include:

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Interactive-Articulation-Notebooks-Later-Sounds-Autumn-Edition-1982070https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Interactive-Articulation-Notebooks-Early-Sounds-Autumn-Edition-1982023 The problem I always come to is getting homework back!  I’m excited that this year, it should not be a problem!  I am pairing my Interactive Articulation Notebooks with composition books to create Interactive Homework Notebooks that double as communication logs with parents! Super Excited!   Both the Early Sounds Set and Later Sounds Set include the following activities with an autumn twist: cut and paste, write and color, game boards, practice spinners, shutter folds, spin-a-sentence, auditory bombardment lists, progress monitoring sheets, data collection sheets, and more!  I love that these sets also include working at the phrase and sentence level. 

https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Twisted-Apraxia-Multisyllabic-Words-1993695  Research shows that movement paired with learning assists in building new pathways in the brain, especially for language.  My kiddos have enjoyed using my other Twisted products but I never had any for my kiddos with Apraxia or working students working on multisyllabic words.  Now, I do! My Twisted Apraxia: Multisyllabic Words Pack! I can’t wait to dust off that twister mat and get our bodies moving along with our mouths!

My Receptive and Expressive Language Builder: Back-to-School pack works on the following tasks: asking/answering questions, recalling details, identifying and expressing descriptive concepts, following 1-3 step directions (including temporal concepts), formulating sentences, answering yes/no questions, and more!  The great thing is that I have included barrier games, sentence strips, and manipulatives to assist kiddos with formulating sentences and questions.  My kiddos love things having hands-on materials and this pack does!

I love the newness of the beginning of the year.  It is a fresh start for us all.  In my world, fresh start means… “Let’s shop!”  What is in my basket?  I’m so glad you ask! 


Activities and Games to Learn a Year ofCore Word by Susan Berkowitz- I’m super excited about this.  Although, I have had many kiddos learning to use AAC, I have always pieced together lessons to teach them the core foundation.  This has games to do that.  Who loves playing games? This girl!  Oh, and my kiddos (when I allow it).


Apples: Story, Phonological Awareness,Language Preschool Unit by Alberta Speechie- I love going into my preschool class and addressing speech and language skills.  I love circle time and group centers.  I think this will fit in perfectly and provides me with new, fresh ideas when our theme is apples!

Halloween Bingo Riddles by Lisette of Speech Sprouts-  Everyone loves Bingo!  I love that I can use it with an entire class and they have to really listen to get the riddle!  Too cool to pass up!


Grammar Homophone Game Cards by Ashley Rossi- I don’t know about your kiddos, but mine have a hard time with Homophones and worksheets just get you so far (not to mention it isn’t very entertaining for any of us).  Games!  Games get you talking and are entertaining for all. This pack includes games to learn homophones and has real world context!

 Year Long Articulation Therapy by Jen at Speech Therapy Fun- Can you imagine?!  All year of therapy is covered! I love that idea!  Planning always takes so long and this comes with a monthly articulation plan, progress monitoring, games, activities, art (ART! I love using ART in therapy!), and more.  This pack is HUMONGOUS! With less time planning, that means I get more time with my little one! Win-Win!


Lemonade Snacktivity by Kelly at Speech2U- Using recipes in therapy is such a great idea.  Following a recipe has so much language built into it that it is an easy way to get kiddos talking while enjoying a treat after!  I’m super excited to try out Speech2U’s snacktivities and since I am a lemonade aficionado, this is a great place to start!

I have spent the summer getting myself together and making materials that I know will be helpful for my kiddos and possibly yours too!

Happy Back-to-School Shopping to you!  What's in your Cart?


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    1. Thanks for always hosting this linky party, Jenna. Love seeing what everyone has in their basket.

  2. Tami- I am going to need those Apraxia mats- I have a new student with apraxia this year! Thanks for including my Homophone Game Cards!

    1. Thanks Ashley! You are welcome. My kids always struggle with homophones! I cant wait to use them!

  3. Those Twisted Apraxia Mats look great!

  4. So many choices! They all look great! I love the blog design by the way!

    1. Thank you! Blogs fit for a Queen is wonderful to work with! Highly recommend!

  5. Your blog is fabulous - I love it! Your post is also great! There are so many great resources listed here !

    Teaching Autism

  6. I love your "Twisted" ideas! Thanks so much for the shoutout :) Lisette

    1. My kiddos enjoy being out of their seat and so do I! lol!

  7. Great additions to your cart, Tami. Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I love shopping for therapy materials!

  8. Thanks for those suggestions! I'm going to check out your Twisted Apraxia product right now!

    1. My kiddos all enjoy being "Twisted" while working on their speech and language skills!


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