Let’s Talk Vacation: SLP’s in Vegas Style



What a week! My little one is in Northern Cal with my parents for the next month and the Hub is working crazy hours.  Therefore, little ole’ me had the great opportunity to participate in the 2015 TpT Conference here in Vegas.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me to meet other SLPs on TPT and enjoy a STAYCATION!  With the little one at home, the only opportunities to really get out and enjoy the “City that NEVER sleeps” occur when my parents come into town and my dad can watch her while the ladies enjoy a three generation girl’s night out or when I go out with my Gambling Guru Grammy!
I had such a wonderful time meeting and becoming friends with some truly talented and knowledgeable SLPs, learning to use additional tools to make my products even better, and hearing truly inspiring stories! So many of my new friends had never been to Vegas, so during my Staycation, I had the opportunity to see and experience Vegas with new eyes and a fresh perspective!
To be honest and fair, I was a little nervous meeting up with everyone the first night.I’m a bit shy at times and I thought for sure that I would be a wallflower for the entire night.  However, everyone was extremely friendly and it felt that I had known them all forever.  It felt more like a REUNION instead of a first time meeting.  Thanks to my new pals!
During the three days, we laughed, talked therapy, helped each other, and learned during the sessions and from each other.  I even had a chance to gamble with my girls, Ashley from Sweet Southern Speech, and Jennifer from Speech Therapy Fun!  On the last night, I stayed up a bit longer with Jennifer to hit up the machines at the Venetian. I ended my wonderful Staycation with a little extra money in my pocket which is ALWAYS a win in Vegas.  Viva Las Vegas!


  1. It was so great to meet you Tammy! Let's do it again next year!

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  3. Tami, you said it just right. It seemed like we had known each other forever, yet it was the first time to meet in person. Thanks for all the tips and guidance to help us make the most of our stay, so nice of you to help out all the "out-of-towners." Looking forward to seeing wonderful new creations from this group, because I know we were all energized and inspired. Great to meet you! Lisette from Speech Sprouts

  4. Thanks for linking up, Tami! So nice to meet you. Glad you left with extra cash--I didn't! Kim

  5. Sounds like a great time! And extra money - woo hoo!

    All Y’all Need

  6. Had a blast with you! Can't wait 'till next year!!


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