Materials Review: Prefixes & Suffixes

I do not know about you, but I know I have had a hard time teaching Prefixes and Suffixes to my 3rd-8th graders.  First of all, there is a serious shortage of materials to pull from! Therefore, I was ecstatic when I did a materials exchange with Kristin Immicke, author of Beautiful Speech, and found she had a packet DEVOTED to working on Prefixes and Suffixes!

Even better information?  Kristin has offered to give one lucky winner a FREE COPY of this pack!  Be sure to enter the  giveaway at the bottom of this post for a chance to win!
Prefixes and Suffixes Packet
This packet can be utilized with mixed therapy groups! Language and Articulation, Fluency and Language, and/or Articulation and Language!  You can use it with all of the higher level grade kiddos and work on their target skills while building vocabulary for all! I love that!

The Prefixes and Suffixes Packet by Kristin Immicke of Beautiful Speech consists of:

  • Four Prefix Definition/Example Cards & Four Suffix Definition/Example Cards
    • LOVE THESE!  I printed mine out and laminated to stick on my wall so the students have easy access to review and to assist recall! 
  • 40 Root Word Manipulative Cards
  • 20 Prefix (4 types with 5 copies of each) Manipulative Cards
  • 20 Suffix (4 types with 5 copies of each) Manipulative Cards
    • The Manipulative Word Cards (Root, Prefix, and Suffix) was a fun way to bring it together! The kids were able to mix and match and then told me if it was a real word or not. 
    • We played a game with these by picking one card from one pile, and a second card from another pile (ex. Pile A: Prefix/Suffix and Pile B: Root words).  If their word was a real word and made sense, then they got to keep it.  If not, then they had to put both words back in their piles.
    • Creating nonsense words with the prefix/suffix cards was fun too! Plus, it helped the students grasp the meaning behind the prefixes and suffixes.
  • Word Recording Data Sheets
    • These were easy to use with the manipulative word cards.  If the word was real, the students wrote it on the card and then a little definition next to it. These were also easy to incorporate with a write-the-wall activity!  I put real and fake words on the wall that included prefix and suffix.  If they found a word that had their designated prefix or suffix, and it was a real word then they wrote it on their Word Recording Data Sheet.  If it wasn’t a real word, then they took it from the wall and threw it in the trash!
  • Blank Cards to create your own Manipulative Word Cards
    • These provided the students an opportunity to expand on the lesson and create nonsense and other real words that would not have been considered otherwise.  Definitely better than a drill game with predetermined words and no wiggle room for expansion of skill!
  • Prefix Game & Suffix Game
    • These game boards provided opportunity to practice the skills without so much prompting and visual support.  The student rolls a die and moves that many spaces on the game board.  Each game board provides a root word, and the student has to come up with the prefix or suffix that goes with the root word. 
    • This activity was a fun way to assess if the students understood the meanings of the prefixes and suffixes and could not only recall correct structure but the meaning of the new word also.  I also had my students use the new word in sentences. 
    • It was a great way to incorporate all their skills.  If they were addressing a language goal, they had to use appropriate grammatical structure.  If they were addressing articulation, they had to use their best speech sounds when using in a sentence.  If they were working on utilizing fluency shaping techniques they did so at the phrase/sentence level using the new word.
  • Blank Game Board
    • The Blank Game allows for you to fill it in with your own words or you can mix up prefix/suffix cards to use with it!  Another great thing with the blank board is that you could load the board with words consisting of specific sounds when you have a mixed articulation and language group! Simply print, laminate, and use a dry erase marker!
This packet was fabulous for increasing vocabulary while addressing a variety of communication needs!  I LOVE when a material can be used for more than one target skill and this definitely did!  In addition, the visual supports provided in this packet were beyond wonderful! It was great to see the prefix or suffix broken down so that it was easier to learn by having the Prefix/Suffix Cards express the definition, and provide examples of words with that prefix or suffix, and the examples also used in written sentences!  Kristin from Beautiful Speech did a wonderful job with this packet!  You can check it out, here! a Rafflecopter giveaway

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