Getting to Know Your Favorite Online SLPs Linky Party!

What a fabulous idea by Natalie Snyders!  I have followed along with a bunch of my favorite SLP bloggers for a very long time before I decided to jump in and share too! I look forward to reading everyone's responses and get to know more about everyone!
My name is Tamatha.  However, if you were to ever call me that, I would never know you were talking to me!  My family has always called me Tami (except for my mother when I am in trouble and then she pulls out the WHOLE name). I love creating materials to use with my students and that I have also used with my own kiddo (she has been helping me put things together and my official tester of materials since she was 2 years old).  I am married to a wonderful man and we have a cat, dog, and a kiddo. I am the mother of an amazing, funny, sweet, smart, feisty miracle who was born at 26 weeks. She is five now going on twenty-five.

I feel that I offer a lot of experience serving and meeting a variety of individual's needs.  I have had the great opportunity to work with people in all stages of life from Early Intervention to Geriatric.  I graduated with my M.S. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders in 2007 and returned to the schools and working with children.  Prior to my stint in grad school, I had many incarnations working with a individuals covering a vast span of ages and a variety of needs. I started as a Preschool teacher for a private school and ended that career life as the Preschool Director. Next, I became a self-contained Special Education teacher serving students within a Behaviorally-Emotionally Disabled classroom setting (2-5th). Then I went to get a second teaching credential and served as a self-contained Special Education teacher within a Cognitive Impairments classroom setting (6-8th).  Left the schools to pursue other opportunities and became a SLP assistant for several years serving school age to geriatric before deciding to return to school and become an SLP.  The materials I create are fun, engaging, and functional!

I'm doing it!  Part of the reason I love my job so much is that I have so much variety in my day, setting, and clients!  If I wasn't an SLP, then I guess my runner up dream jobs would be as a photojournalist for a travel magazine (just so I could travel the world) or an archeologist!

I love stretching my creative legs!  Making materials keeps me fresh and fun in therapy and it brings a zen-like feeling while I am actually being creative.  I also love traveling!  I do not get to do as much of that as I would like.  However, to be fair, I do not think there is ever ENOUGH travel time! I also love getting together with my friends.  I prefer getting together over coffee in the park (I live off of coffee and I love nature; therefore, it is the best of both worlds put together).

There are a lot of wonderful SLP bloggers and TpT materials creators.  A couple of them that I would have suggested have already linked up!

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