Graduation is such a special moment.  I think many of us were too relieved that one major hurdle (Grad school) was over and were mentally preparing ourselves for the last one (CF year) to enjoy it.  Therefore, I highly suggest that for the new graduates that are joining the rest of us in this rewarding occupation, take the time to take a deep breath and practice some relaxation techniques.  Celebrate!  You deserve it! Pamper yourself!  You deserve that too!
If you happen to be a friend or loved one of a 2015 SLP graduate, here are some suggestions for wonderful gift ideas. If you are a graduate and are just trying to figure out where to start when building your magical materials empire, let's get started!

Most, if not all of you, will already have this in your "Go-To" bag of goodies.  You can never have enough windup toys, bubbles run out, and play-doh gets all yucky and mixed.  Fresh supplies never hurts!  I have yet to run into a child that isn't motivated by at least one of these three items.
These reusable sticker pads are wonderful to elicit language! You can work on identifying, labeling, making requests, categories, compare/contrast, prepositions,  following directions, varied sentence structures, and so much more! You can also use them to address speech sound disorders!

Not sure what items your graduate already has, or desperately wants? Gift cards may be a solution.  For those graduates who already have a tablet of some sort, there are a lot of wonderful speech and language apps available for tablets. In addition, is a wonderful resource for SLPs whether they are new or experienced. Target and Amazon are also wonderful places to obtain gift cards from.  Target offers the wonderful $1-3 bins where materials can be found galore and Amazon offers access to some harder to find materials.
Product Details
This is a wonderful tool for the SLP on the go!  It is more useful for those SLPs that go room to room, as they are not always easy to get in and out cars (I know from experience). For those SLPs that go from school to school a big bag would do the trick! However, if you are going from one location to another at the same school site, this is VERY handy!  They easily hold a lot of heavy materials or big sized toys, that bags sometimes can not handle. 

Simple story books with pictures are wonderful tools!  Using literature, you can address language targets such as identifying, labeling, wh-questions, sequencing, etc..

Some materials in my store that would definitely be useful to new graduate SLPs include:
BUNDLE: Speech Sound Play dough Mats
SPEECH SOUND PLAY DOUGH MATS BUNDLE:  Play dough mats for: K & G, F & V, S & Z, S-blends, L & L-blends, R & R-blends, CH, SH, & TH, and 2, 3, 4, & 5 Syllable Words set!  Soon to be included: Vocalic R Mats! 

These are great for therapy or RTI!  I have even used mine to work on language by talking about categories, descriptive features, and generating wh- questions for the pictures.  I have used mine also with my Fluency kiddos!  Using their fluency strategies when naming items, using the word in a phrase, and at  sentence level.
Wh- Questions: Play dough Mats & Dauber Pages
WH-QUESTIONS PLAY DOUGH MATS & DAUBER PAGES: It addresses WHAT (things & actions), WHO, WHERE (community & prepositions), WHEN, & WHY in both a colored version to use with playdoh and for a low ink/dauber option in black and white. It also includes color coded question cards that can stand alone or be used with the playdoh and dauber pages.

Materials from other SLPs on TpT that I would suggest:
Articulation Sound Rings: Bundle Pack
ARTICULATION SOUND RINGS by The Speech Summit.  Great for RTI or articulation stations!
Interactive Fluency Binder for Speech Therapy
INTERACTIVE FLUENCY BINDER by Lauren LaCour.  This fluency binder is so well organized and my kiddos love that it is interactive.

For additional suggestions for New SLP Graduates head on back to All Y'all Need's blog to see what other experienced SLPs would suggest!

What a fabulous idea by Natalie Snyders!  I have followed along with a bunch of my favorite SLP bloggers for a very long time before I decided to jump in and share too! I look forward to reading everyone's responses and get to know more about everyone!
My name is Tamatha.  However, if you were to ever call me that, I would never know you were talking to me!  My family has always called me Tami (except for my mother when I am in trouble and then she pulls out the WHOLE name). I love creating materials to use with my students and that I have also used with my own kiddo (she has been helping me put things together and my official tester of materials since she was 2 years old).  I am married to a wonderful man and we have a cat, dog, and a kiddo. I am the mother of an amazing, funny, sweet, smart, feisty miracle who was born at 26 weeks. She is five now going on twenty-five.

I feel that I offer a lot of experience serving and meeting a variety of individual's needs.  I have had the great opportunity to work with people in all stages of life from Early Intervention to Geriatric.  I graduated with my M.S. in Communicative Sciences and Disorders in 2007 and returned to the schools and working with children.  Prior to my stint in grad school, I had many incarnations working with a individuals covering a vast span of ages and a variety of needs. I started as a Preschool teacher for a private school and ended that career life as the Preschool Director. Next, I became a self-contained Special Education teacher serving students within a Behaviorally-Emotionally Disabled classroom setting (2-5th). Then I went to get a second teaching credential and served as a self-contained Special Education teacher within a Cognitive Impairments classroom setting (6-8th).  Left the schools to pursue other opportunities and became a SLP assistant for several years serving school age to geriatric before deciding to return to school and become an SLP.  The materials I create are fun, engaging, and functional!

I'm doing it!  Part of the reason I love my job so much is that I have so much variety in my day, setting, and clients!  If I wasn't an SLP, then I guess my runner up dream jobs would be as a photojournalist for a travel magazine (just so I could travel the world) or an archeologist!

I love stretching my creative legs!  Making materials keeps me fresh and fun in therapy and it brings a zen-like feeling while I am actually being creative.  I also love traveling!  I do not get to do as much of that as I would like.  However, to be fair, I do not think there is ever ENOUGH travel time! I also love getting together with my friends.  I prefer getting together over coffee in the park (I live off of coffee and I love nature; therefore, it is the best of both worlds put together).

There are a lot of wonderful SLP bloggers and TpT materials creators.  A couple of them that I would have suggested have already linked up!

Who doesn't enjoy a good party or a celebration of hard work?! So often those of us working in the school system feel like an island of one and that simply isn't the case.  Meeting the needs of our students is a team effort.  We should always continue to grow, learn, and support each other.  Therefore, I would like to say "thanks" and "job well done" to all my colleagues and those within the field or within the school setting that I haven't even met.  We are one HUGE team!  It isn't just a team within a school.  It isn't just a team within a school district.  Everyone that works with children in the school setting and reaches out to touch and help guide those we work with.... JOB WELL DONE!  We may not hear it often enough from those around us, above us, or even the parents.  Our payment is in the form of the smiles on the faces of the children we work with, the sound of their laughter or cheer when they realize they have made such gains and that they CAN and WILL make more!

I'm excited and happy to join in ......
What's in your cart linky May 2015

This wonderful Linky party hosted by Jenna over at Speech Room News is to inform everyone that a MAJOR sale is about to hit TpT to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week!  On May 5th-May 6th, there will be a site wide sale.  I will be adding an additional 20% off of my entire store to add to the already provided discount offered site wide (coupon code = thankyou). Don't miss out on the huge savings!

In my own effort to keep therapy fresh and fun, here are some of my recent materials that you may also find engaging and entertaining while in therapy!
Speech & Language Dojo BUNDLE

This bundle combines ARTICULATION DOJO (265+ Act It Out Sound Loaded Articulation cards for k, g, f, v, ch, sh, th, s & s-blends, l & l-blends, and r & r-blends with funny phrases for the kiddos to act out) and LANGUAGE DOJO (Descriptive Features, Categories, Compare/Contrast, Action/Sequence, Absurdities, Inference, & Recalling Details).  It also includes 8 different colored ninja token board games and 2 black/white ninja token board games.

Wh- Questions: Play dough Mats & Dauber Pages

This pack addresses WHAT, WHO, WHERE, WHEN, & WHY in both a colored version to use with playdoh and for a low ink/dauber option in black and white. It also includes color coded question cards that can stand alone or be used with the playdoh and dauber pages.

And last but not least in any form or fashion...

BUNDLE: Speech Sound Play dough Mats

This set includes all of my speech sound play dough mats together: K & G, F & V, S & Z, S-blends, L & L-blends, R & R-blends, CH, SH, & TH, and 2, 3, 4, & 5 Syllable Words set!

Now for the fun part!  What is in my cart?  I'm glad you ask!

Interactive S'more Articulation Activity: Hands on Speech Therapy
Interactive S'more Articulation from Jenna Rayburn-  This looks like it will fit in perfectly with my whole camping unit that I do at the beginning of the school year when we discuss things we did over the summer!  I can't wait to include this in the unit and start my school year right!

Seasonal Dress Up (File Folder Basic Activities for Basic
Seasonal Dress Up by SuperPowerSpeech- Talking about appropriate clothing for the different seasons is a stable every school year.  It will be great to have a functional and fun activity set of file folders to use with my little ones!

Back to School Speech Language Activities
Back to School in Speech and Language by AmyHaselden.  I will be all set to start 2015-2016 school year!

And lots and lots of Clipart!

Check what others have in their carts.  Hop back on over to Jenna's Linky party at SpeechRoomNews.

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