Jars & Clovers

A wonderfully talented SLP in our district, Monae Maruyama, began making interactive books several years ago.  In the best interest of the kids in our district, she shared her creations with us.  Today, I read one of her stories about a little boy who had a jar of lucky clovers with my kiddos.  We worked on prepositions, wh-questions, following directions, descriptions, and more! 
We followed it up by making our own jars of lucky clovers using green printer paper clovers, and a jar picture by Felice Clark from Dabbling Speechie.
   The kiddos had a great time making their jars and enjoyed having a list of practice words to take home for homework.  Very simple and festive! It looked like so much fun that my daughter who is in Pre-K wanted to make one!  Well, she isn't working on any specific sounds, phonological patterns, or syllable structures.  Therefore, to include her in on the fun, during lunch time we used her Lively Letter tile cards to create and make new words and put those words on her clovers.  Very proud Mommy moment there!
http://www.attainmentcompany.com/everyday-readersMany of Monae Maruyama's stories are being recreated using real life pictures.  I have not had a chance to review her new set with the real life pictures.  However, if you are interested in learning more, you can find her Everyday Readers Curriculum through Attainment Company.What are you doing to celebrate Saint Patrick's day festivities in your classroom or Speech room?

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