Hoppy Spring!

I ADORE Springtime! It is easily one of my favorite seasons.  I really do not know which I prefer, Spring or Autumn.  I think both seasons have such a wonderful child-like sense of wonder about them.  One season gives us costumes, colored leaves, apple-picking, and spooky nights.  The other season gives us colorful flowers, warm days, colored eggs, and scavenger hunts! Springtime to me represents new beginnings and fresh starts. I can always feel the change in the air too with my kiddos.  Two of my new beginning adventures include this blog and my TpT store.  To celebrate, several of us joined up to participate..........(drum roll, please)...................(are you filled with anticipation yet?)....................(If not, you might want to be)..............(lots of FREE goodies for your Easter basket!)........................................................................................................................

Originally, I planned on providing just the following items in my TpT store to celebrate:
Basic Verbs and Prepositions Easter Bingo                                     Easter Preposition and Basic Verb Three-in-a-Row

But then I thought, I ADORE Spring!  Therefore, for a short time I have put ALL Easter items in my TpT store as FREE! This includes my Interactive Speech and Language Activities Pack: Consonant Sequences L, R, & S!  Be sure to grab it while you can.  It will only be free for a short time before I put it back up as a paid item. 
Interactive Speech and Language Activities: Consonant Sequ
Then I thought, why stop there?! I want to help make sure your Easter basket is OVERFLOWING with GOODIES that you can use in therapy.  Therefore, I put my Interactive Speech and Language Activities Pack: Multisyllabic Words on Sale.  For a short time, you can get it for MORE than 50% off! Grab it quick, if you are interested.  It won't remain this price for long!
Interactive Speech and Language Activity Pack: Multisyllab

If you do download any of the above items, please consider leaving me some feedback.  By doing so, you are helping me to continue to make quality materials and it is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!





  1. Wow, such cute activities! Thanks for sharing (and now I have Spring fever LOL)~

  2. The link to the next blog isnt working right. It comes up blank. Can you help?? Thanks

    1. Thank you for the feedback. It is appreciated. I just tried clicking on the bunny and the next blog came up. Not sure why it didn't work on your end. Just in case, here is the next blog. http://slpblog.wix.com/middle-school-slp
      Happy Spring!

  3. Thanks for the lovely freebie!! You really are a beast with that sped job and soon to be CCCs!! Glad to have found your blog :)
    Mia from Putting Words In Your Mouth

    1. You're welcome. Thank you. It's funny because I knew I wanted to be an SLP in high school. However, I took a detour because Where I initially wanted to go to school did not have the program. So, instead I became the self contained sped teacher with the teaching credentials for two diverse areas of sped. While I was in the classroom, I found my way back to the path of SLP and got my CCC's in 2008. It took me almost 20 years to go full circle! But the wealth of experience from all of it has helped me so much as an educator and an SLP. I really believe what my kiddos in my self-contained classrooms taught me has made me a better SLP for those that followed. :) The kiddos that I serve now continue to teach me and help me to become a better person and SLP.

      BTW.. I follow you too and love the materials you create! Thank you!

  4. Hi Tami
    I've nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award. Here is the link for my original post.




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