Hopping Around with Excitement!

Lately, I have been a busy little bunny with the Easter spirit running through me. So much is happening and I have had to learn as I go.  Let's start by talking about my speech room.  Last week, we put clovers in a jar.  I gave examples of how I used it with articulation and phonology kiddos but I also used it with my fluency kiddos.  While I read the story about the boy with the lucky clovers to them, I pseudo stuttered upon occasion.  They not only had to identify that my speech was bumpy but they also had to identify the type of disfluent speech.  They then wrote it on the clovers and put it in the jar. 

This week, I have been test driving my new product.  Interactive Speech Sound and Language Activities: Consonant Sequences L, S, & R.  Of course, I had it double, triple, and quadruple checked by others too! I was so honored that they all liked the stories and activities.  I like to get the biggest bang for my buck when I buy or make materials.   How many areas can I target with it?

This pack contains 2 interactive stories that are packed with consonant blends. One story is at sentence level and the other is a more in-depth story with greater details.  This pack also contains comprehension questions (who, what, where), following 1-2 step directions,  and a color/dauber picture for carry over and homework practice. It covers more than just multiple opportunities to practice consonant sequences.  It is a wonderful tool to have in your speech bag to elicit language skills: basic vocabulary, prepositions, asking and answering questions, sequencing, etc..!
Both Stories also contain mini barrier games so that students can practice following and/or giving directions. I'm very excited and pleased with this story pack. I'm currently selling it in my tpt store for
50% off!  I should also have my Interactive Speech Sound and Language Activities: Multisyllabic (3+ syllable words) up in a day or two also!

Now, the other reason why I am hopping around with excitement! Be sure to come back and check the Newbie Bog Hop on March 20th! There will be a lot of freebie goodies to put into your basket! 

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