I ADORE Springtime! It is easily one of my favorite seasons.  I really do not know which I prefer, Spring or Autumn.  I think both seasons have such a wonderful child-like sense of wonder about them.  One season gives us costumes, colored leaves, apple-picking, and spooky nights.  The other season gives us colorful flowers, warm days, colored eggs, and scavenger hunts! Springtime to me represents new beginnings and fresh starts. I can always feel the change in the air along with my students. Here is how I welcome Spring in my Speech Room.

 When I had a window in my office, I would open the window and let the fresh air in the room (it is also a good idea just to get rid of the smelly funk that occasionally lingers after group after group come into the room).  Now that my office does not have a window, I put some floral essential oils into my aromatherapy diffuser 

I wish I could fill my space with fresh cut flowers but truthfully, they die too fast and I do not have an unlimited budget. Instead, I fill my space with some color and some pleasant faux plants. Does your school have you decorate a bulletin board? Mine does.  I found that it isn't easy to create a bulletin board that is relevant and shows student work (without providing names for HIPPA).  In Spring, I give all of my articulation students a Spring Quilt pattern.  This way, the are creating my bulletin board for me while still practicing their articulation skills at their individual levels.  Once they complete the quilt four block, they cut it out (which my OT loves!) and put their name on the back so that it is hidden and does not break HIPPA or make them stand out as students that receive speech services. You can try my Spring Articulation Quilts with this Freebie!
I file away all of my Winter Resources and pull out all of my Spring Resources.  My caseload is full of language students this year.  Therefore, I made an Easter Bingo game focusing on prepositions and using basic verbs.  It is in color so I slip it into a plastic sleeve so that I do not have to deal with laminating.  I also made an Easter Tic-Tac-Toe set targeting prepositions and basic verbs.  The Tic-Tac-Toe set includes a black and white version for low ink and no prep! I also pull out my Stephanie and Frank Celebrate Spring Break pack that targets consonant sequences.  It includes interactive pieces to create a scene or work on following directions using the vocabulary in the story, includes a no print story version, has take-home practice sheets, and is great for summarizing and answering wh-questions about the story. You can grab my Easter Bingo and Easter Tic-Tac-Toe for free here!
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