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We are about to start a new school year and so much is still unknown for so many of us. I want to help you be prepared whether you are on-site or providing services via teletherapy.  Check out these ten Back to School freebies that I found.

  1. Back to School Ice Breakers and Activities by Speech Me Maybe- This great freebie includes ice breakers, session reminders, and goal setting pages.
  2. Getting to Know You Worksheets by Fun in Speech- Check out these free All About Me worksheets and ice breakers! 
  3. Back to School Editable Letter to Parents by Stacy Crouse- Free editable No Print and black and white letter to send home.
  4. Back to School Jokes by Sparklle SLP - This packet contains 39 different back to school jokes!  Perfect for practicing fluency techniques, articulation carryover, and building vocabulary.
  5. Back to School Irregular and Regular Verbs by Speech2U- This packet has wonderful suggestions on different ways to teach the skill and to help students generalize with real-life experiences.
  6. Back to School Inferencing by The Speech Owl- This free packet contains 16 different descriptions for items and locations found in a school.
  7. WH-Questions Back to School by Lindsey Karol- Check out this packet focusing on who, what, and where all related to a school theme.
  8. No Print Prepositions Back to School by Speech Serenade- This interactive no print freebie includes a field of three choices to complete a sentence using the appropriate preposition related to a provided picture.
  9. Covid-19 Social Narrative by Autism Little Learnings - This freebie was created during last school year.  However, it still covers so much great information to help our kids understand what Covid-19 is and how they can help keep themselves and others safe.
  10. Hand Washing Skills Boom Cards by PlayLearnTalk- This free boom card set helps kids sequence the steps required for washing hands thoroughly.
Looking for more ideas?  Check out these blog posts!
Do you know of any other amazing Back to School freebies?  If so, please share in the comments below!

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Do you know yet if you will be returning to your school site, providing services within a hybrid model, or following a distance learning model?  Check out the round-up of posts below to help you start the school year successfully no matter what model your school site(s) will be implementing!

So much is still unknown for many of us and the new school year continues to creep closer and closer leaving me wondering, what happened to our summer break this year? Hopefully, you engaged in self-care during the break. Right now it seems that self-care is more important than ever before!  If you are looking for some fresh ideas for self-care at home and work, I have you covered!

Although 2020 has had me spinning in circles, I am typically a Low-Key Type A SLP and I get myself organized during the summer months.  Last year, I provided tips on how I get organized and provided suggestions for motivation and freebies to help you get organized too! You can check out my suggestions and grab freebies for other Low-Key Type A SLPs here!

Do you have a system in place to keep you organized for RTI, screenings, evaluations, and therapy documentation? It took me several years to get my system in place.  In this blog post, I shared my organizational system and the forms. 


  • Literacy-Based Therapy: Literacy-based therapy is a wonderful way to address articulation, apraxia, phonology, language, social skills, and fluency skills!  It takes a little planning before your session but it is totally doable and is perfect for mixed groups. You can use literacy-based lessons in person or via remote learning. Check out these ideas and the lesson plan template that I use.
  • Best Resources for Student Engagement: These tools are super useful in teletherapy! However, you could also incorporate a few of them into the rotation if you are utilizing speech and language stations at your school site. 
  • Build Speech & Language Skills Using Virtual Field Trips: You can target so many goals by taking your students on a virtual field trip. I mention seven different goals in this post and the different types of field trips that will help to target them!  If you happen to be returning to your school site, you can still use virtual field trips if you have a tablet or computer access. 
  • 10 Free Digital Resources: Check out these 10 Boom Card/No Print freebies I found. They are not seasonal or holiday-themed so they can be used at any time including during back to school return!
  • Autumn Lesson Plans: I typically plan out my therapy resources by goal and season.  This post shares therapy resources that my students have enjoyed over the years and my Autumn Lesson Plans and Templates.
I hope these posts sharing self-care tips, organizational tools, and therapy ideas help you to best prepare during these uncertain times for the 2020-2021 school year!  If you have additional tips, please share in the comments below.  

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In an effort to try to keep student learning on track during this new normal, I went searching for some fun summer freebies!  Check out these ten Summer themed freebies I found that can easily be adapted for teletherapy or sent home for practice if needed!

  1. Grab my S'more Fun Open-Ended Games -S'mores!  Sweet S'more, Smelly S'more, Spicy S'more, and Strawberry S'more! This open-ended game is a recipe for fun!
  2. Articulation Summer Calendar by Schoolhouse Talk- These Articulation Calendars can be used year after year!  Make sure to also grab her free Language Calendars too!  Amazing!
  3. Summer Speech and Language by Natalie Snyders - Great ideas to share with families to practice speech and language at home.
  4. Summer Speech and Language Mini Bundle by Short and Sweet Speech - This packet is full of speech and language activities!
  5. No Print Expanding Sentences by Language Speech and Literacy - A great No Print of real pictures to target who/what/where and pronouns!
  6. Cooking Up Articulation (L and N) by Power Speech and Language- Super cute BOOM Cards activity! Easy to target articulation and language.
  7. Summer Speech and Language Activities Newsletter by The Speech Meadow - Love this newsletter filled with ideas for families!
  8. No Print Open-Ended Water Fight by Speech Therapy Plans- This freebie is a great open-ended game to use in teletherapy.
  9. Outdoor Scavenger Hunt by KaylaSLP - A great way to get a family out together while targeting speech and language!
  10. Speech and Language Digital Spinners by Fun in Speech- Great for teletherapy or for families practicing at home!
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Check out these ideas to avoid the Summer Slide in Speech -  Ideas to share with Families!
Fab Five Freebies Summer by The Digital SLP - Woohoo!  More freebies!

Do you know of any other amazing Summer activities or ideas that we can share with parents?  If so, please share in the comments below!

Want more great tips, tricks, and ideas for successful speech therapy?  Subscribe to our FREE newsletter, or visit us on InstagramPinterest, or Facebook.

Are you ready for Summer?  Will you be providing services via extended school year, year round schools, or private therapy?  Truthfully, I am not yet sure if I will be providing services or take a long summer break. This last quarter for school has been exhausting between homeschooling my child and providing services. Check out my go-to resources in the past for summer sessions.

Summer Articulation Mazes
My SUMMER ARTICULATION MYSTERY PICTURES and my SUMMER ARTICULATION MAZES both target articulation and help students with their fine motor skills (pencil grip, manipulation, writing pressure, etc..)

My NO PRINT FLUENCY TASKS: SUMMER resource targets goals for identifying facts vs. myths about stuttering, identifying bumpy vs. smooth speech, identify/explain/demonstrate different disfluent speech patterns and fluency shaping techniques and stuttering modification techniques, using techniques and strategies at all levels (word, phrase, sentence, spontaneous speech), and response to social situations.  I use the sentence and spontaneous speech level tasks with my students working on language and articulation carryover too!

LANGUAGE BUILDER: SUMMER is a comprehensive packet covering so many different language needs! My language builder packs target basic vocabulary building, answering and asking questions, using inference skills, recalling sentences and details, describing, sentence building, and narrative building skills with barrier games!

Language Builder: Summer
NO PRINT LANGUAGE TASKS: SUMMER uses colorful graphics and real pictures to target receptive identification in a field of three, answering yes/no and wh-questions, describing, inference, compare/contrast, and narrative building skills.

NO PRINT PHONOLOGY TASKS: SUMMER is a comprehensive no print resource that covers a variety of phonological processing errors using auditory bombardment list, auditory discrimination with minimal pairs, rhyming task, wh-questions, and creating a winter scene! This resource covers the following phonological processing error patterns: Voicing, Final Consonant Deletion, Fronting, Initial Consonant Deletion, Backing, Stopping, Denasalization, Consonant Cluster Reduction and Gliding.

Find Articulation & Follow Directions: Summer
FIND ARTICULATION and FOLLOW DIRECTIONS: SUMMER is perfect for working with students with articulation, language, and fluency goals. This resource has hidden articulation words scattered around the picture that students look for using a magnifying glass. It also has 2-step temporal following directions, and lists of wh-questions for each picture scene.  Other suggestions on how you can use the pictured scenes to cover other goals are included.

OPEN-ENDED GAMES GALORE!  I love using open-ended games to pull mixed groups together.  It also helps keep some students motivated.  I consider that a WIN-WIN! I have several great summer themed open-ended games packs, such as SUMMER, TRAVEL, CAMP COMMUNICATE, and my S'MORE FUN FREEBIE.

SPEECH and LANGUAGE BEACH BALLS: These fun crafts make practice enjoyable at home to practice their speech and language skills. I have flowers to target articulation, apraxia, phonology, and language.  My kids have always loved making these.

Are you planning to have a Social Communication Club?  If so, you may want to check out my SUMMER CONVERSATIONAL EXCHANGE resource to help students plan and track conversations.

You can see some of my favorite books to use during this season for literacy-based therapy too on my lesson plan. You can grab a copy of my Summer Lesson Plans by completing the information below!

For many of us, Covid-19 has changed the way that we provide services, and just like when we are providing services in person, we are also always looking for different ways to change therapy up to keep our students engaged. Have you considered incorporating virtual field trips? Some are so extensive you can use it over multiple sessions while others are short and quick to use. 

Here are seven language goals that I have targeted using Virtual Field Trips and their websites.

  • BASIC LABELING & DESCRIPTIVE SKILLS- Watching live webcams of the animals at the zoo and/or live events at historic locations is a perfect way to practice labeling, describing, and sentence formulation!
  • PREPOSITIONAL PHRASES- There are so many different ways that you can target this goal using online virtual fieldtrips!  The live webcams are great since so many times the animals move around and you can probably get a few practice opportunities right there.  However, using online maps are another great resource to talk about where you would find specific exhibits.  Is the reptile house next to the bear caves or between the monkeys exhibit and the big cat enclosure?
  • FORMULATING SENTENCES- I already mentioned how the live cam videos are great for targeting this skill by talking about what the animals are doing and/or what is happening at the historic location. If you are on a page that has multiple live web cams or recorded videos, you can play I-Spy with your students to to determine which video you all will use or you can stop at a certain part of the video to describe something in the scene.  Using the online maps, you can take turns with your students explaining how to get from point A to point B and see if you all ended up at the correct location.  For example, "Go to the second floor of the museum and turn left after getting out of the elevators". 
  • ANSWERING/ASKING WH-QUESTIONS- Many of websites include recorded videos demonstrating things that happened before in history, more about an animals nature, and/or the steps needed to complete a task that can create opportunities to work on asking and responding to wh-questions.  You can also find maps and fact sheets that can be used for this task too!
  • GIVING DIRECTIONS- Online maps, maps, and more maps provided from a variety of virtual field trip locations! It is as easy as that! Although this next one is not a virtual field trip (unless you want to take a trip to my friend Sarah's house), you can also find some great wordless videos on her youtube channel
  • PLAY WITH WORDS- Yes, you read that right!  I was actually able to find some super cute videos when I took a virtual field trip to the Atlanta Zoo that was having pun with animals!
  • SEQUENCING- Some websites will provide sequential information about what happened in history at the location or how to complete a task which provides a wonderful opportunity to practice sequencing and story retell.  One super fun virtual field trip is to take your students to an amusement park for the day!  Not only does it provide some of our students with the first experience of what an amusement park might offer, if you use Youtube videos from the viewers point of view (POV), students can experience a ride and share what they saw in sequence.  Just make sure you review any and all Youtube videos before your sessions to make sure that it is appropriate including environment in which it was videoed.
These same websites also work wonderfully to practice articulation carryover and use of fluency techniques!  Who knows, maybe some of your students' teachers are also using virtual field trips in their current lesson plans and if so, you can collaborate!
I have created a comprehensive list of my GO-TO Virtual Field Trips (and other ideas) to use for Teletherapy. If you do not want to go about making your own list, you can grab my free cheat sheet below.

Do you know any other great Virtual Field Trip sites, if so we would love for you to share them below in the comments!

With so many of us now trying to figure out the best way to provide distance-learning, I went in search of additional FREE resources that can be used in teletherapy. Check out these ten No Print/Boom Card freebies I found!
  1. Pizza Party by Tech N' Talk SLPs -  This freebie is a fun way to keep students engaged and to use as a motivator for student behavior.
  2. Get Ready for School No Print by Panda Speechie- This is a fun no print where students decide what to dress the girl in and then can describe the outfit.
  3. No Print Hot Cocoa Concepts by Beth Sies Creations for SLPs - You can target a variety of basic concepts with this No Print!  You can also target description and sentence formation too!
  4. Story Starters No Print by Language Speech and Literacy - I love that this has real pictures to target narration, wh-questions, pronouns, and verbs!
  5. Camping Listening For Details Boom Cards by The Digital SLP - You can use this helpful boom card set to target listening for details, functions of items, and sentence formulation.
  6. Middle School Language Prediction No Print by The Whimsical Word- With this no print, your middle school students can target making predictions from sentences and pictures.
  7. Vocalic -AIR Coarticulation Sentences by GoldieTalks Speech - This fun boom card set has students completing the sentences by hanging up the shirt with the correct word.  My students love creating the sentences and practicing their speech using coarticulation!
  8. Sentence Scramble by Alison Fors - Students work on putting sentences together correctly with this fun boom card set.
  9. Hah or Nah Social Skills by Jaclyn Watson - Love this!  This Boom Cards set has social scenarios for students to determine if it would be appropriate to laugh or not appropriate!
  10.  Car themed Articulation and Language Cards by Looks Like Language -Keep students engaged with this interactive boom card set that targets function, categorization, wh-questions, and the sound /r/!
Looking for more ideas?  Check out these blog posts!
20 Free No Print Resources for Teletherapy by Stacy Crouse- Woohoo!  More freebies!
Free Digital Speech and Language Resources by Badger State Speechy - Yay!
Free Speech Therapy Activities for Teletherapy by The Digital SLP - Love freebies!

Have you tried any of these?  If so, please share in the comments below!

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Have you been using literacy-based lessons in speech?  Using books is a wonderful way to target articulation, language, phonology, apraxia, and fluency!  It is easy to utilize books in teletherapy too!  The best part is that if you are using books during teletherapy, you can complete some parent training on how they can use books found in their home or through online services to practice their skills at home!

There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Chick
 by Lucille Colandro
SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant clusters easily with this repetitive story!  Students can even practice carryover of their sounds (k, g, s, sh, l, r, clusters) while targeting language concepts too.

LANGUAGE: Target identification and labeling of basic vocabulary found in the print and in the pictures, work on wh-questions and yes/no questions, and practice sequencing and story retell!

Splat the Cat- Where's the Easter Bunny? 
by Rob Scotton
SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant clusters (k, g, s, sh, l, r, clusters) easily with this cute story! Scat sends a card to the Easter bunny with a special request but he is afraid that he has been forgotten so he goes looking for the Easter Bunny.

LANGUAGE: Target prepositions, work on semantic features (function/description) for common items, answering wh-questions, and  story retell!

The Night Before Easter 
by Natasha Wing 
SOUND SYSTEMS: Target velars, fricatives, glides, and consonant clusters (k, g, s, sh, l, r, clusters) in this rhyming story about siblings that are prepared for Easter and catch the Easter Bunny in action.

LANGUAGE: Target rhyming, vocabulary building using context clues, and answering wh-questions, and  story retell!

If you do not want to have go through the books and make your own lists, I have created an easy cheat sheet for articulation words, language concepts to target, and some basic wh-questions you can ask for each book!  You can grab your free cheat sheet below.

What are some of your favorite Easter books to incorporate into your speech therapy lessons?  Please share with us below in the comments! Thanks!
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