Talk Like a Pirate Day in Speech

September 11, 2016

Well, are you?! I love Talk Like A Pirate day in speech so much that I typically make it a week-long event!  Ashley from Sweet Southern Speech loves it too and is hosting a linky party to prepare for the fun!  Thanks, Ashley!
I wanted to share some wonderful freebies I found from some of our fellow speechies on TpT.  There are a lot of wonderful products out there and who doesn’t love free?! These are just a few favorite pirate themed free therapy materials:
Pirate Treasure Challenge by Peachie Speechie. This freebie is great because it a quick way to get students to complete their articulation repetitions.  It turns something that can be monotonous into something fun for the kiddos.  They enjoy practicing and seeing who will complete their page first.
Pirate Themed Following Directions by Kathy Babineau.  I have used this freebie as it is intended (following directions) but I have also used it as a reinforcer (coloring page) and as a language game (much like “I spy with my little eye”)!  I have described parts of the picture to see if students could figure out what I was describing and then turned the tables so that they had to describe a part of it for me.
Speech Seeks and Language Looks – Pirate edition by Jessica Finch.  I absolutely adore this freebie!  It was so helpful when I was working with mixed therapy groups.  My language kiddos could work on vocabulary, answering wh- questions, categories, and descriptions.  My articulation kiddos looked for pictures that had their sound in it and reported back to me in what position that sound was before practicing producing it accurately at their level (drill, phrase, sentence).  My fluency kiddos used the pictures to practice their fluency shaping techniques.
Pirate Category Cards by Panda Speech.  I have a lot of kids working on categories on my caseload (it happens every year). These adorable category cards were just what I needed!  After the student names the category, I will have them name as many more items as they can for that category by trying to name 5 more while trying to beat the clock!
Pirate themed Bulletin Board Reinforcement Game by Speech Universe.  Do you have a pirate theme in your speech room?  If so, this is a wonderful behavior reinforcement tool and bulletin board! this time, I do not have any Pirate freebies in my store.  However, I’m excited to use my recently revised materials this year in my speech room.  Last year, my Pirate Play Open-Ended Games were a huge hit in my speech room. One of the games in the pack, requires the students to collect all the pieces on their treasure map task card.  The first person to collect all the pieces wins! Now, they can also use manipulative pieces to make a larger version of their treasure map or use them as a barrier game.  This pack also includes two open-ended game boards and a point collecting card game.

The other product in my store that recently underwent major updates and an overall revision is my Prepositions and Plurals on Pirate Island pack!  The pack includes Pirate Preposition Cards, Prepositions Bingo, Preposition Dauber pages, Prepositions Dice Game pages, Pirate Pronoun Cards, Pronoun Bingo, Pronoun Dauber pages, and Pronoun Sorting pages with manipulatives.

Visit my facebook page for a chance to WIN a COPY of Pirate Island- Prepositions & Pronouns.

How do you celebrate talk like a pirate day? 

App Review: iTap

August 24, 2016

Right before the school year ended, I was provided the opportunity to try iTap with my students and write up this review for YOU.  Test of Articulation and Phonology (iTAP), is a fully standardized assessment tool.  It was normed off of monolingual English speakers from Texas. Although Smarty Ears provided the app for me to review, the opinions in this post are all mine. This app is very user friendly and I love that it a standardized assessment requiring no protocol.

How to Start Your Year as a Success!

August 20, 2016

Are you already back in school?  Are you figuring out your caseload and throwing sticky notes around in an effort to create a therapy schedule? If so, I will be joining you soon.  I go back to work next week.  I am very excited about my new caseload and returning to work.  How do you prepare? Here are my simple steps to start the year off as a success!

Headed Back with a New School Placement

August 9, 2016

Are you headed to a new school and a new caseload? Or are you a new CF? I’m not a new CF but I am headed to new school placements with new caseloads!  I’m super excited too! I love the diversity that our job provides! This year, I will be returning to my traveling ways and working at two schools focusing on Pre-K through 5th programs (Autism, Functional Life Skills, and Social-Emotional Disorders).  I feel like I am going home since I am returning to where my passion lies!

If you are also making a change in your school site or caseload placements, whether you are a new CF or a veteran SLP, here are some helpful tips to prepare you! 

What's in Your Cart? #BestYearEver Linky Party!

July 31, 2016

I do not know about you but I am EXCITED for all of the wonderful possibilities for this next school year!  Recently, my health has taken a turn for the worse (thus why I have been rather quiet around here).  I have taken the time to regroup and am eager to get this #bestyearever started!  Let’s begin with talking about the great deals happening on TeacherspayTeachers!  On August 1st and August 2nd (I’m celebrating twice as hard since this is my birthday!), WE can save up to 28% on our back to school purchases! Yes, I said …. WE! I know I will be shopping!  Just be sure that when you go to check out use the promo code BESTYEAR!

Thanks to Jenna from Speech Room News for hosting this linky party so that we can all share what we have in our shopping carts.  Everything in my store will be 20% off.  Using the promo code provided by TpT, you can save up to 28% on items in my store (on top of the extra 15-20% off already offered on my bundles).  Here are some items in my store that you may find helpful to get your school year started and to see you through the entire school year!

Teacher Appreciation Sale: What's in Your Cart?

May 2, 2016
I’m super excited!  I love this time of year!  Actually, let me clarify that I LOVE this time of the school year.  What makes it even better besides the promise of summer vacation around the corner is the Teacher Appreciation Site Wide Sale on TeacherspayTeachers!

Top Wishlisted Items: Wishlist Linky Party

I have exciting news!  TeacherspayTeachers is about to have a sitewide sale!  That means amazing savings!  So many of the stores will be on sale for 20% off and with the special code you can SAVE EVEN MORE!  Up to 28% off in fact!